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We devote our high-stakes legal experience exclusively to the SMB community. Often overlooked by traditional firms chasing the next big thing, our sole focus is on supporting SMB buyers, sellers and operators. We support the courageous ones who share our values of entrepreneurship, financial freedom and family. The ones who have risked it all to build something uniquely theirs. The ones who are the backbone of America’s economy.

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High-quality counsel made affordable

Maximize your legal funds. As a remote boutique law firm, we have lower overhead than traditional firms, allowing us to offer experienced legal representation at a reasonable cost.

We provide confidence

Draw strength from knowing you have experienced transactional lawyers on your side when negotiating and closing your transaction. By leaning on our experience to handle the legal elements of your transaction, you will have the freedom and confidence to focus your attention on the business-specific elements during the deal cycle.

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