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SMB Law Group is a boutique, remote-first law firm focusing on small and medium-sized business mergers and acquisitions for clients in all 50 U.S. states. Founded by three veteran lawyers with decades of combined experience in M&A and capital markets, SMB Law Group has the experience of a major law firm combined with dedicated and personalized client support of a small firm.

Our Story

For SMB buyers, sellers and operators, we deliver practical, yet tailored legal solutions that help ensure smooth transactions and business operations.


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Each of our founders has held roles at large, prestigious law firms that they left to start a small business of our own. That means although we have the experience and expertise of a big firm, we intimately understand the wants, needs, and priorities of our small business-owning clients. As small business owners ourselves, we love working with clients who share our commitment to entrepreneurship, family, and financial freedom.

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Sharing valuable resources

Through the SMB Center, we share our experience with the SMB community. If you are an SMB searcher, buyer or operator, this platform is for you.

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